Unexpected Lottery and Euromillions Winners that Deserved to Win

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As you probably know, life, at times, can be decidedly unfair. One prime example is the fact that virtually all healthy produce tastes like stale cardboard, whereas everything unhealthy seems to taste like pure heaven slathered in cheese. While many of us spend hours on end daydreaming about what we would do if we were to win the Euromillions, some people are fortunate enough to see their dreams come to fruition. Sadly, without naming names, there have been quite a few people that have won millions and become multi-millionaires, without actually deserving to win at all. We aren’t focussing on that kind of negativity today however. No, today it’s positivity all of the way. In today’s article we’re going to be looking at a few stories around of the world of unexpected lottery and Euromillions winners and winners that truly deserved to win.

Nick Takticos – Back in 2013, in Cambridge, USA, a young worker by the name of Nick Takticos decided to try his luck and bought a lottery ticket. Nick was a very friendly, family-orientated young man that worked hard all of his life. He was selfless and seemed to go above and beyond for those he cared for. When the draw took place, Nick won the jackpot and scooped himself a cook $30 Million. He was incredibly humble in victory. He didn’t jump on social media, nor did he contact all his friends and family members to brag about his win. Instead, he spent the next 3 weeks sitting down with members of his family and explaining that he had won. He held onto the ticket for 3 weeks so as to speak to everybody in person, rather than having them find out in the local press. What a guy!

The Powells – 2013 must have been a lucky year for kind-hearted US citizens as our next story also takes place in 2013. Here, a woman named Lynda Powell went out of her way to pick up a lottery ticket for her husband John. John called her late one night and asked her to pick him up a lottery ticket. Lynda knew she needed some shopping anyways, so made her way to the local grocery store. After doing her weekly food shop she picked up a lucky dip lottery ticket. That ticket won the Powells $50 Million!

Beginner’s luck – If you’ve not yet played the lottery, now may be the time to change that. Beginner’s luck can be a real thing, and that is evident in our next story. In 2014, Liam McGee and Tina Ferrone, who were a couple, decided to try their luck and bought a lottery ticket. This was the first time either of them had played the lottery, so statistically the odds were stacked against them even more. The pair wanted the money as they wanted to go into business together and open up a Yoga studio. Tina picked up two lucky dip tickets from the local convenience store, and that night they won $48 Million. Looks like that Yoga studio dream became a reality.