Lottery: Fun and Interesting Lottery facts

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If you’ve ever played the lottery before, you can’t help but set your expectations ridiculously high before the draw takes place, as you convince yourself that tonight will be your night and tonight will be the night that you scoop the jackpot and become a multi-millionaire. Now, statistically speaking, the odds of that happening are not in your favour, so what normally happens is that you don’t win, you sulk for a while, and you buy a ticket for the next draw and try again. Some people out there however, have had their lives changed by big lottery jackpot wins, but how does the typical jackpot winner spend their winnings? This question will be answered below, along with many more you have had regarding the lottery, as we list several fun and interesting lottery facts.

How many cars!?

Did you know, that the average lottery jackpot winner will buy an average of 4.5 brand new cars, either for themselves, or for friends and loved ones. For the true petrol heads amongst you however, around 10% of lottery jackpot winners will buy 10 new cars! 10! Astonishing, or should be Aston-Martining?


We are Anonymous

The great thing about people is that we are all unique. Some of us for example, love to be spoiled and made a fuss of, whereas others don’t like fuss. That’s why some lottery winners will go public and will do photoshoots, magazine interviews, TV interviews, and much more besides, as they are proud of winning and don’t mind people knowing. 85% of lottery jackpot winners however, choose to remain completely anonymous. Who knows, your next door neighbour could have previously won but may be choosing to remain anonymous?


Kent, UK is the place to be

If you’re superstitious and find yourself in the UK, before playing the lottery you may wish to move to Kent. A man named Wayne Elliot, who was from Kent, won a prize on the lottery for 26 consecutive weeks for the very first 26 draws of the National Lottery. That’s pretty amazing, although we can’t guarantee that moving to Kent will increase your chances of winning a prize, so don’t think about relocating just yet.


Lost and not found

Up next we have a record, but this isn’t the fun kind. Back in 2012, a EuroMillions player in the UK, is believed to have lost a ticket worth more than £63 Million! This is the world record for the largest unclaimed prize in lottery history, and to this day, nobody is quite sure who the unlucky soul was.


38 is worth a punt – Currently the most commonly drawn ball from the lottery machine is the number 38.


Watch out for asteroids if you’re in the US! – While we don’t want to put a downer on things, we unfortunately have to again talk about the odds of you winning the lottery. How many times have you seen an asteroid in person? Can’t remember? Okay, how many times have you nearly been hit by an asteroid from space? Why the asteroid talk? Because statistically, there is a 1 in 74,817,414 chance of you being killed by an asteroid. This means that you are more likely to be killed by an asteroid than you are to win the jackpot of the US lottery, as the odds of winning are 1 in 259 Million. The good news is that in the UK, you have a 1 in 13 million chance of winning.