Heart Warming Lottery Success Stories

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Heart Warming Lottery Success Stories

Okay, now, be honest here, how many of you reading this have spent a Sunday afternoon day dreaming about winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire, despite the fact that you rarely buy a ticket? As the saying goes ‘you have to be in it to win it’ and if you don’t play, you simply don’t stand a chance of winning. A lot of people don’t play the lottery because the odds are so heavily stacked against them. The people you’re about to read about however, took a chance and bought a ticket, and it changed their lives forever. We know that the odds are against you, but when you consider the cost of a ticket is so low, surely it’s worth a bit of a gamble. To help encourage you to buy a ticket for the next draw, here are a few heart-warming lottery success stories.

The law of attraction

Our first story takes us over the pond to a woman named Cynthia P. Stafford. Sadly, back in 2007, her brother was killed by a drunk driver. Cynthia’s brother was raising the children by himself, and after his death she took all five in. Before taking them in she was struggling financially as she was also helping their father.

She told herself that she would win the lottery jackpot. Furthermore, at the time she decided she would win, the jackpot was $112 Million, so this number stuck in her head. She visualised herself winning this same amount and amazing, three years later, shortly after taking in her brother’s children, that was the precise amount of money she won. She credits her success to the law of attraction. Needless to say, that amount of money changed all of her family’s lives forever.

Lottery winners give something back

Sure, when people win money on the lottery, they normally give something to their friends and close family members, but to their city? In the US, the Smith family scooped an astonishing $429 Million on the US Powerball jackpot.

The family set up the Smith Family Foundation charity to provide financial funding for various grassroots organisations that were created to improve of the lives of people in their city of Trenton, New Jersey. The foundation provides funding for education, youth and family support, development in the neighbourhood, and much more besides.

The camp that the lottery built

Our final story involves a High School teacher named Les Robins. Les found himself sympathizing with the kids that he taught, as they didn’t have access to the types of games and facilities that he had had when he was growing up. Robins, one day, won the Powerball lottery jackpot of $111 Million and decided to create his own summer camp for kids. He founded ‘Camp Winnegator’ which was set on a whopping 226 acres he’d purchased with his winnings. It was in operation for over ten years and provided kids with an affordable summer camp to take part in all kinds of sports and activities to get them away from modern technology and get them fit and healthy in the great outdoors.