Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is an estimated €130m

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This Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is an estimated €130m, so what would you spend your money on if you won?

Here are some things you could buy with €130m:

  • 110’262 of Apple’s flagship iPhone X mobile phones.
  • Luggala (€28m) currently Ireland’s most expensive property on the property website, this estate belonged to the Guiness family and is set in the beatiful Wicklow mountains. For just €28m of your 130 you could perhaps use the remainder for toys such as a helicopter?
  • A Gulfstream G650 (~€60), this top of the range private jet has a range of 12960KM, enough to get you from Dublin Airport to Hong Kong without stopping !
  • Toyota Yaris; how about a fleet 8150 Toyota Yaris’ ? Starting at €15950 you could buy one for everyone in your area, and we’re sure Toyota would give you a discount.
  • How about a luxury New York penthouse? 432 Park Avenue apartment PH95 is currently on the market for a cool $82m (€66.86m) so you’d still have room to treat yourself to some toys.  432 offers amazing views around Manhatten and you we be amongst the elite in Manhatten, it is currently home to many millionaires, and more than likely some billionaires too.
  • Its nearly easter, so how about some chocolate? Well, for €130m you could have 325’000’000 Cadbury Freddo bars, which would weigh 5850 tonnes, or roughly the same as 5523 Toyota Yaris’ – in chocolate !