Even More Lottery Horror Stories

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We all know that winning the lottery is life-changing, and while many of you would probably agree that your lives would change for the better if you happened to win the big one, but that’s not always the case. If given the choice, 99.9% of us would happily scoop the jackpot for Saturday’s lottery draw but there are some people out there who will tell you that winning the lottery could potentially bring more stress and misery to your lives than beforehand. Here’s a look at yet more lottery horror stories that will make your blood run cold.

Divorce isn’t always the answer

Sadly, not all marriages out there are happy, and inevitably when things start to go downhill, the conclusion is likely a divorce. In the state of California, USA however, Denise Rossi got more than she bargained for when she tried to divorce her husband of 25 years. Denise amazingly won the lottery and decided to celebrate by divorcing her husband.

The only problem is that she didn’t tell him she’d scooped the jackpot. By law, during proceedings for divorce in California, it is a legal requirement that both parties disclose their assets. If Denise had been honest, she would have only had to pay him half, maybe even less. Because she was deceitful however, the judge ordered her to pay him the lot, leaving her with nothing.

Murder at dinner?

In a true rags to riches stories, an Indian immigrant by the name of Urooj Khan, moved to the US to seek his fortune and start a new life. Urooj picked up a lottery ticket while out shopping one day, and unbelievably he scooped himself a cool $1 Million. Naturally he called his family and friends back home in India when he learned the news, and invited them over to the states to celebrate with him and treat them to a lavish dinner party. After dining on fine food, Urooj fell ill that night and sadly passed away in hospital. It wasn’t food poisoning that killed him however, as the toxicology report indicated that he had been poisoned by cyanide. Whether through jealousy or greed, it did appear as though the culprit may have been very close to home.

Know when to stop

We know that gambling addiction destroys lives, and sadly that’s what happened to Evelyn Adams in the US. Evelyn was a gambling addict that unbelievably won the lottery twice! Unfortunately, becoming a multi-millionaire didn’t cure her addiction and years later she had blown through her $5.4 Million fortune and ended up living on a trailer park.

Be discreet

In the words of Bob Belcher of Bob’s Burgers ‘people are the worst’. In 1997, a man named Billie Bob Harrell Jr won $31 Million. He quit his job, took his family on vacation, and lived it up. He was a generous man, and even before winning big, he always went out of his way to help others. After winning, he treated his friends and family members to expensive gifts and charitable donations, and donated heaps of money to local charities. Soon word got out about his generosity and people that Billie Bob barely knew began harassing him and begging him for money around the clock. This put a strain on his relationship, his marriage ended, and sadly he took his own life less than two years after winning big.