Bizarre and Unbelievable Stories of Lottery Winners

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For most of us, scooping the jackpot on the lottery would be a dream come true. We know that the odds are against us, and that statistically we are far more likely to be struck by lightning – twice! But that doesn’t matter. No amounts of fancy numbers, statistics, and official research is going to kill our dreams of winning big. The simple fact is that if you do play the lottery, you’ve as much chance of winning as the next person that plays. You must be in it to win it, but what happens if you win? With scratch cards, lotto games, prize draws, and much more besides, the odds of you winning life-changing money are now greater than ever. Here’s a look at some bizarre and unbelievable stories of lottery winners from all over the world.

Chris Kaelin’s story

Back in 2014, in the USA, a man named Christopher Kaelin decided to call in at a convenience store after work, and purchase a crossword lottery scratch card. He scratched the card and was amazed and delighted, to discover he had just won $25,000. He took his girlfriend out to celebrate, and after a lavish meal, he called in at the gas station to fill up his car, and decided to try his luck with another scratch card. Amazingly he won another $1,000! Days later he was in the same store that he purchased the first card, and decided to purchase another. You won’t believe what happened next! Astonishingly, he won another $25,000. When he tried cashing the ticket he was told that he hadn’t won $25,000 at all. He had actually won $250,000. In total, in less than a week, he won $276,000 from three scratch cards.


Derek’s story

In Cornwall, England, a man named Derek Ladner, and his wife Dawn. Played the same lottery numbers each week. One week their numbers came up, making their ticket 1 of 5 to share the £2.4 million jackpot. He played again the next week, but not surprisingly, he didn’t win. However, when he put the ticket in his wallet, he found an old ticket from last week. He had actually purchased two tickets the week before, so out of the 5 winning tickets, Derek and Dawn had 2! They won just shy of £1 Million.


Mary’s story

In Toronto, Canada, an 86-year old woman by the name of Mary Wollens, had a dream at night where she stated that she had some numbers jump out at her, for no apparent reason. She wrote them down when she woke up and went out to purchase a lottery ticket. She did the same thing the day after with the same numbers as she was so sure of them. You can probably guess that her tickets were indeed winners. Best of all for Mary however, was that they were both worth $8 Million each, so she won a staggering $16 Million. So, if you ever have any similar dreams, be sure to write down those numbers, and don’t forget to play.