5 Weird and Wonderful Ways that Lottery Winners Spend Their Money

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When we think of winning the lottery, we envision people buying countryside mansions, sports cars, Caribbean cruises, luxury yachts, designer clothing, and plenty more besides.

Now, if you were fortunate enough to win the lottery and you wished to spend your money in that manner, that would be absolutely fine. Some people however, choose to spend their winnings in a slightly less-conventional way instead. If you’ve ever wondered how the “other half” live, here’s a look at a few weird and wonderful ways in which lottery winners have spent their money in the past.

1) Backyard banger car racing

Those from the UK have probably heard about Michael Carrol, AKA ‘the Lotto Lout’. Mick won £9.7 Million, which would be far more than enough to set somebody up for a life of luxury, as long as they were sensible. Mick however, was not sensible. He bought a mansion, jewellery, champagne, and copious amounts of cocaine. He also decided that he would build a banger car racetrack on his land, where he and his friends could race cars and smash them up for hours on end. Needless to say, Mick’s money soon ran dry, and he lost everything.

2) On renovating an old school

We all have memories of school, some good and some bad. In the US, Gloria Mackenzie won just shy of $600 Million. One of the ways in which she spent her money was on renovating her old school. It apparently needed around $1.8 Million, so she rounded it up to a cool 2 mil and donated it to the school so that it could get the renovation it so desperately needed.

3) On new shoes

We don’t have any specific stories of people buying new shoes after winning the lottery because that would be boring. According to research however, when asked what one of the first things would be that they bought if they won the lottery, a large percentage of men said that they would buy new shoes.

4) A second-hand Kia?

If you won 3.4 Million Euros on the lottery, you would probably feel like treating yourself to a new car. So, would you opt for a Porsche, a Range Rover, a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, or a Jag? Well, if you were Simon Fagan from County Louth, Ireland, you’d go for something a little more conservative. Simon won the jackpot back in 2013 and bought a new car. By new, we actually mean second-hand, as he purchased a used Kia with 150,000 miles on the clock. And do you know what, if that’s what he likes, then good on Simon.

5) A washing machine and sofa

Not too long ago, a survey published online revealed that the first thing that most lottery winners tend to buy is a brand-new washing machine, closely followed by a comfy new sofa. Apparently, the reason for this is that people go ahead and buy things that they have needed for a long time, which they know would make their lives easier and more comfortable.