4 Lottery Myths That Need Clearing Up

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For many people, the lottery is the ultimate form of escapism. It gives people something to aim for and look forward to, plus it gives them something to day dream about in their downtime. We’ve all sat back and imagined ourselves winning the lottery, and have pictured how amazing life would be, sitting on a private yacht in the Caribbean, sipping on a cold cocktail in the hot sunshine, with not a care in the world. You have to be in it to win it when it comes to playing the lottery, but just how much do you really know about your odds of winning the lottery, and of which strategies you should utilize? There are many weird and wonderful myths out there regarding the lottery, but what’s the truth? Let’s find out, shall we?

The lottery is the key to happiness

Okay, we’re not saying that winning the lottery and not having to worry about your finances wouldn’t be awesome, because it would. It would be a huge weight lifted off many people’s shoulders, but winning the lottery is not ultimately the key to happiness. There are plenty of horror stories out there of people winning the lottery, and winding up miserable as a result. Sadly, some have even taken their own lives. Sure, winning the lottery would almost certainly make you happy, but it’s not a guarantee of a happy life.

Studying previous results will increase your chances of winning

Another common myth associated with the lottery, is that by studying previous results, you can increase your chances of winning. Remember, the lottery is completely random, which means that there are endless possibilities of number combinations coming out. Yes, there are some numbers that do appear to have shown up more frequently than others, but again, that’s pure coincidence. According to experts, studying previous lottery results will not increase your chances of winning, though the superstitious amongst you may still decide to do so anyways.

If you win the lottery you’re set for life

Okay, assuming you win a substantial amount of money on the lottery, a couple of million perhaps, if you are smart with your money and invest it wisely, you won’t need to work again (if you don’t want to that is). If you’re reckless with your money however, it will run out, and it will run out much quicker than you could ever have imagined. Countless lottery winners out there have won life-changing amounts of money in the past, and through negligence, ignorance, and pure stupidity in some cases, have lost everything in a short space of time.

Somebody has to win

Believe it or not, but more often than not, when the lottery numbers are drawn, there are actually NO jackpot winners. This is how a rollover works, as the previous jackpot from the last draw is added to the existing jackpot for the upcoming draw, and so on. Every week that there isn’t a winner, the jackpot rolls over and increases.