3 Reasons NOT to Win the Lottery

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3 Reasons NOT to Win the Lottery

For a lot of people, the thought of winning the lottery is what keeps them going. They’ll spend many an hour or two daydreaming about winning the lottery and imaging what they’d spend their money on. For some bizarre reason however, there are people out there that still DO NOT play the lottery, and we don’t quite know why. After all, winning the lottery is surely a good thing, but maybe not? We can’t quite figure out why there are people out there unwilling to spend a few measly Euros on a lottery ticket each week, yet they’ll happily fork over three times that amount for a cup of overhyped coffee from tax-dodging franchise coffee houses several times per week. We can’t figure out why people wouldn’t play the lottery, unless, for some bizarre reason. They don’t want to risk winning? To help us understand, here are 3 reasons NOT to win the lottery.

You’d be financially stable

Most people dream of winning the lottery so that they can be financially stable for the rest of their lives, but who wants that? People that win the lottery can go on to pay off their mortgage, buy a brand-new car, buy a new home, pay off all of their debts, never have to worry about money again, and still have plenty in the bank to treat themselves whenever they want to whatever they want. How silly are they? Why would you want financial stability when you can get yourself into crippling debt, run up huge credit card bills, and worry about how you can afford to live?

Your friends and family would also be looked after

For a lot of people, one of the main sources of motivation for trying to win the lottery is being able to help out their friends and family members.  When people win big, one of the first things that they do is give their loved ones some financial help, but why? Why would you help those that you care about out with finances when they should look after themselves? Who cares if they’re the most selfless, kind, caring, honest, and hard-working person you know, why should they get special treatment when they bend over backwards for others? If you want to see your loved ones struggle financially, make sure you never play the lottery, as that way you’ll never win.

You could have a wonderful life

So many people out there are stuck working jobs they hate, getting paid way less than they should be, and barely having anything to show for it once their bills have been paid. They rarely get the chance to go on holiday, and even a Friday night takeaway is considered an extravagant luxury they can’t really afford. They certainly are unable to buy the clothes, gadgets, and holidays they like, nor are they able to consider investing money into doing something they love. If any of this sounds familiar to you and you enjoy living this way, make sure you don’t play the lottery. If you were to win, you could quit the job you hate, you could buy all of the things you wanted, you could create a business doing something that you’ve always wanted to do, and you could have an amazing life. Who in their right mind would want a great life? We sure don’t know.

*Disclaimer – The content in this article is of course meant ironically and is not to be taken seriously.