Get the latest Euromillions and Irish Euromillions Plus results, draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evening and have a guaranteed jackpot of €17 million.

EuroMillions Results

Friday 20th September 19

There was no winner of the EuroMillions Jackpot but over 114,000 players won prizes in Ireland.

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Past EuroMillions Results

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Draw DateResultsJackpot
Friday 2019-09-2082125385048


Tuesday 2019-09-172237434445112


Friday 2019-09-1311227424767


Tuesday 2019-09-1032225304936


Friday 2019-09-06101322404825


Tuesday 2019-09-03711383944710


Friday 2019-08-30252745464946


Tuesday 2019-08-2782635434719


Friday 2019-08-2341735424528


Tuesday 2019-08-20202223243714


EuroMillions Results are available immediately after the draw has taken place in Paris, check to see if you have matched any numbers using our site.

How does the EuroMillions work?

To enter the EuroMillions draw you need to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 12.

When does the EuroMillions draw take place?

Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 8.40PM (GMT).


EuroMillions – It’s your time to get lucky

The EuroMillions is Europe’s biggest ever, multi-country lottery game. The event is marked by the confluence of nine European countries, competing to win the rolling jackpot lottery.

A peek into the history of EuroMillions

Launched in 2004, the first-ever EuroMillions draw was held on February 13th, Friday in the beautiful city of Paris, Italy. The first three countries to join the EuroMillions league were France, Spain and UK, followed by six other nations, namely, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
The largest EuroMillions prize money was won by Dolores McNamara, a lively lady and mother of six children. She was a resident of Garryowen, Limerick, Ireland and became the lucky winner of €115.4 Million in July 2005. This remains the largest ever EuroMillions win to date.

All about the game

The EuroMillions lottery draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday evening with a minimum assured jackpot of €17 million, which can blow-up into a whopping €190 million if your streak of good luck continues.
To win the EuroMillions jackpot amount, the player must match 5 principal numbers (between 1 and 50) and 2 additional lucky star numbers (between 1 and 12). As a player, you can select your own numbers or seek help from the “Quick Pick” feature to randomly generate a set of numbers as soon as you purchase your jackpot entry ticket.

The mighty SuperDraw

A SuperDraw is an event which is organized to celebrate milestones for EuroMillions. There are several SuperDraws conducted every year and there are no fixed dates.
Regardless of whether a top prize was won in the previous jackpot, EuroMillions SuperDraws assure gigantic, 9-figure jackpots. The rules of the game remain the same and it is only the size of the jackpot amount that inflates. Like the weekly draws, in case of the absence of a clear winner, the amount rolls over to the following draw.

EuroMillions results

Once the lottery draw takes place, the results are readily available for the audience. The results are usually revealed within an hour of the draw. However, in some cases, it takes up to twelve hours to put the results together and declare the jackpot winner.
In the absence of a clear winner, the jackpot money rolls over to the next draw. Since “roll overs” are a common sight at the EuroMillions jackpots, it often takes more than a few weeks to find a winner.

The bottom-line

If you wish to live the kind of lifestyle that is usually reserved for the kings and queens, then EuroMillions is the perfect place to try your luck. Massive jackpot money is on offer every week. If you don’t wish to reveal your identity, you can claim your prize anonymously. Now it’s your choice if you want to become a celebrity instantly or collect your prize money and be free. However, keep your tickets carefully. In case you lose it, someone else may still be able to claim the prize even if they are not a purchaser of the ticket.