Daily Million

Get the latest daily Daily Million and Daily Million Plus results, you will see results diplayed here everyday once the 2 and 9PM draws have taken place.

Daily Million Results

Monday 21st January 19

There was no winner of the Daily Million top prize.

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Number of WinnersPrize TypePrize Per WinnerPrize Fund Total

Past DailyMillion Results

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Draw DateResultsJackpot
Monday 2019-01-21913182729396


Monday 2019-01-211141617273810


Sunday 2019-01-20816253036399


Sunday 2019-01-201317212432337


Saturday 2019-01-198212228363923


Saturday 2019-01-19571620273734


Friday 2019-01-188252729323633


Friday 2019-01-18710142225261


Thursday 2019-01-174152431333818


Thursday 2019-01-17182326293925


Daily Million Plus Results

Monday 21st January 19

There was no winner of the Daily Million Plus top prize. 

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Number of WinnersPrize TypePrize Per WinnerPrize Fund Total

Past DailyMillionPlus Results

You can use bellow table to find last 10 DailyMillionPlus Results

Draw DateResultsJackpot
Monday 2019-01-21391621282934


Monday 2019-01-211416252829351


Sunday 2019-01-203101318313937


Sunday 2019-01-20271319263539


Saturday 2019-01-199212428343612


Saturday 2019-01-191723262837382


Friday 2019-01-183141517253632


Friday 2019-01-1812616173121


Thursday 2019-01-17261012243020


Thursday 2019-01-17481123242730


What is the Daily Million draw?

The first way to activate the law of attraction is to have a dream, a desire. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Materializing a dream is most times easier than we imagine. Daily Million Lotto has been making dreams a reality, putting smiles on the faces of people and transforming lives, making daily millions for new millionaires in Ireland, all by giving dreamers daily opportunity to live their dreams – even more, you get such chance twice in a day, I mean two times in a single day!

For Daily Million Lotto players, it is a win-win situation. Winners never quit they say, what this means for Daily Million Lotto players is that you get to be a winner every day. With each play, you can be a millionaire. Imagine a daily income of a million Euros, and since as human we can’t stop dreaming, then as a winner we also should not stop trying!

Thank goodness for the perfect opportunity presented by Daily Million Lotto in Ireland. Our destinies, they say is in our hands, the tips of our fingers actually as we type http://www.lottoresult.ie and then forever can begin in joy and fulfillment as a daily millionaire.

Using this unique opportunity, we would like to teach our Daily Millionaires the sure tips to continue staying as winners. It is not always about working hard but working smart. So for Daily Millionaires, it is important to note that play Daily Million Lotto is of course play, but it has to be taken seriously; as serious as work. And when working is involved, one has to learn to work smart.

Daily Millionaires should also realize that seizing advantage of all available opportunity is a smart move that should be capitalized on. No one would mind winning millions twice in a day I’m sure. If so, why not play and work smart.

Another key to being a Daily Millionaire is perseverance and consistency. After all, that’s a characteristic consistent with winners in life. They never quit, even after several million, they chase the dreams to reality. Not only should a Daily Millionaires persevere, but you also have to do so consistently. With the right platform, you get to play daily with Daily Million Lotto and also win daily after all it is a win-win situation, even if you do not hit the apex winning of a million daily, you can still win other lower winnings below a million.

Who else has your back on a daily basis on your path to being a millionaire like Daily Million Lotto? Why won’t you want to keep playing, why won’t you want to keep winning when all you have to lose is your misery.

How To Win

The Ireland Daily Million Lotto is a game for all as it gives out daily prizes at up to 7 levels, the top of which stands a whopping 1 million Euros. Daily Million Plus attracts an extra €0.50, and it has a jackpot of €500,000.

To play and stand a chance to win this great offer, all you have to do is choose six numbers from 1 to 39, and the least you can play is a line. Playing a line costs just €1. An additional €0.50 per line adds the Daily Million Plus and gives you the chance to win €500,000.
A brief description of what you can win goes thus:
*Matching 6 main numbers gets you €1,000,000
*Matching 5 main numbers plus Bonus wins for you €10,000
*Matching 5 main numbers wins you €500
*Matching 4 main numbers and a Bonus will earn you €100
*Matching 4 main numbers wins €25
*Matching 3 main numbers plus Bonus will rake in €10
Matching 3 main numbers yield €3.

The results are displayed twice daily; at 2 pm and 9 pm every day.

With high chances of winning, Daily Million Lotto is as expected the most preferred lotto in Ireland, with 1 in 14 chance of winning Daily Million Lotto and Daily Million Plus combined. With the winning interest of all at heart, Daily Million Lotto invites you to join the team of Irish millionaires!

Good luck Daily Millionaires!