Irish Lotto Results

Get the latest Irish Lotto results and results for other draws such as Euromillions and Daily Million and also the Lotto Plus draws.

Lotto Results

Saturday 21st September 19

There was one winner of the Lotto Jackpot. In total, over 116,000 players won prizes.

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Number of WinnersPrize TypePrize Per WinnerPrize Fund Total
18014Daily Million Plus QP€3€54042

Past Lotto Results

You can use bellow table to find last 10 Lotto Results

Draw DateResultsJackpot
Saturday 2019-09-21681315213017


Wednesday 2019-09-188131729343714


Saturday 2019-09-1416212430314346


Wednesday 2019-09-112152433414223


Saturday 2019-09-078111225343942


Wednesday 2019-09-047222730414211


Saturday 2019-08-3113192224344047


Wednesday 2019-08-28181035374220


Saturday 2019-08-2456816294621


Wednesday 2019-08-2110132324254412


EuroMillionsFriday 20th September 19

There was no winner of the EuroMillions Jackpot but over 114,000 players won prizes in Ireland.

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Number of WinnersPrize TypePrize Per WinnerPrize Fund Total
Daily MillionSaturday 21st September 19

There was no winner of the Daily Million top prize.

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Number of WinnersPrize TypePrize Per WinnerPrize Fund Total

The Irish National Lottery has been running for more than 20 years and provides funding for various causes through ticket sales.

We provide the latest Lotto results, along with the previous 10 results for each of the given lotteries, so you can check your older tickets too. You can also see a breakdown of Lotto prizes, should you wish to see who won what exactly.

How To Play The Irish Lotto To Win

There are many who play the Irish Lotto. Whether you play it just for fun or to win the 7-figure jackpot… Wouldn’t you like to know the tips and tricks that can increase your chance to win the lotto?

There are some features and hacks that you can use to increase the likelihood of becoming the next Irish Lotto Winner!

What’s even better is that playing the Irish lotto has never been easier. It doesn’t even require you to leave your home. Simply buy a ticket online and watch new draws every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:55 p.m.

You can comfortably enjoy a warm cup of coffee by the fire while eagerly waiting for the winning numbers to match your ticket.

The first advantage is that it’s all done for you online. So be sure to always place a ticket because you will always have a chance to win big money! It’s an opportunity that you simply can’t miss.

Easy to play and with these simple tips and tricks in your arsenal, the odds are in your favor!

Using The Irish Lotto Statistics To Win

In the old days, you never had a real way to study the lotto numbers. You didn’t have graphs and well-documented dates of specific numbers that work, don’t work, or shows specific patterns of winning number and losing numbers. We should thank whoever made the internet because it has given everyone a fighting chance to have a decent shot at winning a jackpot of life changing figures.

The statistics are fairly simple and was made for everyone to understand. But what should you look for? What are the best statistics to look at that will give you the best chance?

Most players who study the lotto and play often tend to eliminate the numbers that are least often picked. They would then focus their attention on how often numbers get paired up. If numbers are more likely to pair well, you can have a higher chance to win.

Always choose the best possible numbers that get drawn based on the data provided.

Consistency With A Set or Sets of Numbers

Another sure way to win is to have a set of numbers that you will use over and over again. Think of it as your teams of winning numbers. You can look at the statistics to pick the best numbers for your team. consistent effort to always have them on your ticket will increase your likelihood of winning.

You can do this for various combinations. Instead of having just a single set of numbers (one ticket), you can have five sets of numbers (five tickets) that shows strong results on the statistics. You can mix and match the numbers to your liking. But the key is to use them over and over again until the day comes when they get chosen and win you that 7-figure jackpot!
Sometimes Luck Is All You Need
Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t depend on numbers and statistics and rely purely on luck. There is what’s called a number generator. The number generator produces a sequence of numbers that are randomized. You don’t know if they are numbers that frequently shows up or not, but if luck has been kind to you, this should work well in your favor.

Everyone Wins At The End Of The Day

With all the great benefits of playing the Irish Lotto, the greatest benefit of them all is the good cause of helping shape Ireland’s future. The money has helped in the areas of Arts, Culture and National Heritage, Health and Welfare, Irish Language, Sport, Recreation and Amenities as well as Youth.

So when you play the Irish Lotto, you play to better the homeland. You never lose because a part of you will help better the future generation of Ireland as a whole.

Pitch in your tickets today! Have some fun, and let’s win together!